The True Nature of Trust  - How to Build Trust - The Predictability Challenge

I trust no one, not even myself 

Joseph Staline






Objectively, I feel more trusted by Amazon than by my own company: it takes me much less effort to start transacting with them


To play together, trust is crucial and it can only be built on the job.  Working together, each of us listening to others is the best way to build trust


It’s impossible to play staying “outside”. 


HR ask for trust under the form of delivering against promises, but what is the value of promises in an uncertain world?

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The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them

Ernest Hemigway



Trust could be considered as an alternative to today’s  “coercion” management


Trust is closely related to predictability: The more predictable, the more trustable


Reduce the uncertainty of your behaviour if you wish to be trusted


BUT Power imposes some level of uncertainty in your behaviour


Building trust is an arbitration between uncertainty and predictability of your behaviour.  Ethic also is about predictability


Building trust in a team means deciding together what the rules are


Confidence (Trust) = Cum (with) Fides (Faith - The greater goal)


Trust necessitate 2 people PLUS a cause (Something greater than us)


I can only be trusted by people I trust

Self-confidence (Trust) is a starting point.

DECODING by the sociologisT


I find your lack of faith disturbing

Darth Vader




Trust is the basis of economic development


Trust reduces the costs of transactions, and contributes to boosting innovation


Taxi receipt:  Does your company trust more a taxi driver in Cairo than yourself?


Trust and they will trust you: This necessitates to give -up control.


Becoming more predictable: Explain your decisions,

Decide collaboratively,


Set up a clear doctrine (Principles of action)


Need for a ‘Greater than us’:
Make the WHY (purpose)
& the Intent visible

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We got by chance the opportunity to record Jules Goddard in his favorite Pub in Berlin.  Despite of an awful background noise, we finally decided to share the result of the encounter with you. 
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