Why Collaboration is not Natural - Why it is an Organisational Issue - What to do to Improve

If we all think the same, it means that no-one thinks

Georges Patton






The need for Collaboration seems to be understood by all .. but real Collaboration is rarely observed... Strange!


Collaboration is often understood as “more meetings”


Job descriptions & reward systems represent  ‘Collaboration blockers’


Bureaucracies (Prominence of Rules & Procedures) are ‘organised lack of trust’ leading to little Collaboration


Collaboration cannot be the result of a process


It has a dimension of ‘dealing with your own fears’


Collaboration does NOT imply consensus


Confrontation brings value


It is acceptable to disagree

Bernstein Speaks on Rehearsing With Glenn Gould (3.46’)

If you have a job description, soon or later you’ll be replaced by a robot

Christophe Gillet



Collaboration is NOT natural in organisations.  

Because it is far easier NOT to collaborate in the organisations we created


And because Collaboration creates a form of ‘Dependancy’... something that we all try to avoid


Collaboration is a MUST but imposes to move from ‘Sequential & Segmented’ jobs (Taylorism) to collaborative - initiative based -  organisations


Collaboration has to be created, it cannot be obtained by convincing people


It is about changing behaviors and behaviors are the product of the context.


The key question is “Which context to create in order to make people interested in collaboration?”


the sociologisT

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I don’t like that man.  I need to know him better

Abraham Lincoln




If you believe that Collaboration doesn’t happen because people around are stupid of unwilling to behave properly, you’re doomed

Taylorism (Silos of expertise) implies, almost automatically, a lack of Collaboration


Collaboration is YOUR mission number 1.  You have to create it, pro-actively.  It’s NOT about people, it’s about the Organisation (ie: the Context)


Strict ‘Job Descriptions’ kill Collaboration.  Job descriptions should be made more ‘fuzzy’.  Think about the context and act! What to put in place so that people get ‘an interest’ in Collaborating?


Consensus is NOT an objective & Confrontation creates agility

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