Procedures & Rules 

How can Procedures create Freedom -  Consequences of Focus on Processes - Role of  Initiative

You don’t want to look back on your life and conclude: I complied 

Jules Goddard






Often, shared services centers lead to more procedures and rules


There seems to be two different worlds coexisting in parallel: one of things & processes (rules) and one of humans (collaboration)


In order to innovate, leaders must stay away from rules & procedures.  Anyway, procedures do NOT eliminate uncertainty and risks


Only the braves – curious, generous - , accept to stay in foggy areas of uncertainty


Don’t be afraid of fogginess.

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Benenati LIM En Rules & Procedures.
Benenati LIM En Rules & Procedures.

Benenati LIM En Rules & Procedures.

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Beatrice LIM En Rules & Procedures 1.

Beatrice LIM En Rules & Procedures 1.

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Beatrice LIM En Rules & Procedures 2.

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If Michelangelo had to match a budget, he would have painted the Sistine’s Floor  




Lot of people feel stuck because they face a plethora of rules.


Because, in 70’s, in segmented organisations, the deal was ‘My commitment’ in exchange of the ‘Company protection’. 


Today, in modern organisations, we are interdependent but still, evaluation remains on an individual basis. 


The above deal is broken. I do not  feel ‘protected’ anymore.  So I will demonstrate less and less commitment, and the company, to regain control, will produce more and more rules to control me...


Processes make you focus on the HOW you do things, with less attention to the result itself


Paradox: More rules = more freedom / Since there are more and more rules, these rules are more and more contradictory. At the end,  if you don’t want to paralyse the system, you have to choose which rule you’ll finally follow.  You are free!


the sociologisT

Francois Dupuy LIM En Rules & Procedures
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If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans

Woody Allen



Philippe-Xtof LIM En Rules & Procedures
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More control, Less commitment


Our ancestors built cathedrals without KPI nor procedures


KPI and procedures work only in a Taylorist world, a world for robots


In our VUCA world, the last thing you want is to reward them on KPIs, you want committed people.  In order to have committed people, give them room to think and take initiative


Active obedience is the consequence of a permanent call to initiative General Foch


The art of conducting is knowing how to give up the baton and not disturb the orchestra - Karajan


In companies, the less we have control, more we create procedures


The more procedures, the more contradictory they are, the more space you get to interpretation, the more freedom you have


Two ways to act at your level : Eliminate KPIs or at least do not create new ones OR grow crazily the number of procedures (so you will have more freedom ;-) 


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